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Home Self Storage Info Storage Unit Sizes About CHSS Contact CHSS Directions

Available Units

Cottage Hill Self-Storage offers a variety of storage sizes to accomodate the needs of every storage customer.

Sizes offered include:

Available Storage Unit Sizes

Different sizes of units are intended to meet different needs from one individual to the next. Some things to consider when deciding which size of storage unit is going to be suitable fo your storage needs are:

10x10 Storage Units

100 Square Feet

Our smallest offering that fits the bill for customers with modest amounts of merchandise. Typically this unit is suitable for the contents of an office or two bedrooms. Desks, computers, dressers, and beds fit easily into this storage unit size.

10x15 Storage Units

150 Square Feet

A size up that works for household storage or those in a transitional period. This storage unit provides adequate space to store the contents of 3 bedrooms or offices. Several desks, TVs, sofas, and tables will fit into this unit size.

10x20 Storage Units

200 Square Feet

Our most popular size suits both the customer who may need to store an entire household of furniture, automobiles, boats or trailers, and local businesses. This size is ideal for most people needing to store the contents of up to 4 bedrooms or office areas.

10x25 Storage Units

250 Square Feet

The largest unit we offer is a great option for those who need to store a lot of merchandise....this unit is also popular with businesses.

Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

We’ve brainstormed a number of ways in which you can pick the right size storage unit for your needs. Whether you want storage for personal or business purposes, you can follow the tips below to make an informed decision:

If you are unsure about the unit size you need, please contact us for help choosing the appropriate storage unit.