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Home Self Storage Info Storage Unit Sizes About CHSS Contact CHSS Directions
What is Self-Storage?

We are hoping that if you are on this site, then you already know about self-storage, and maybe even ready to rent one from us! In order to be complete, we decided to do some research about the self-storage industry and it's history. We ended up finding a great deal of interesting information and thought it would be a nice addition to the website we have created for Cottage Hill Self Storage.

Ok, to be complete we will start of by answering the question, "What is Self-Storage?" Websters defines self-storage as being an industry in which storage space is rented to clients. It turns out that self-storage can refer to a great many very similar but slightly different services. Essentially, a self storage business is a company who rents space, whether it be a room, some property, or a storage stall such as we offer at Cottage Hill Self Storage, to a tenant who is then able to store and access their goods at this location.